Why You Should Wear a Bike Helmet

A helmet is an invaluable piece of bicycle gear. Wearing one reduces the chances of a serious head injury and can also save your life. While not every rider will choose to wear a helmet, it is a great idea to do so.

A helmet is made to absorb a forceful crash and disperse the impact over a larger area. The hard part of the helmet absorbs the blow and the soft part cushions the head. In addition to absorbing the shock, a helmet also helps keep your hair dry. It also has a visor to help block the sun’s harmful rays.

Wearing a helmet can also be a sign of respect. Many cities have laws requiring cyclists to wear a helmet. These laws can go a long way towards creating awareness. If you’re traveling with a group, wear a helmet for everyone.

Even though helmets are a good idea, they aren’t a magic wand for avoiding injuries. Some helmets come with reflectors that can improve your visibility and make it easier for drivers to spot you. Also, remember that wearing a helmet is a good way to make yourself look more attractive. Having a colorful bike helmet can make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

You may be asking yourself if wearing a helmet is actually worth the effort. There are plenty of studies that suggest that helmet use may not be as effective as you think. For instance, a recent study conducted at the University of Bath found that cyclists who are wearing helmets are given less space by drivers. And that is a major problem, considering the number of accidents that take place on our roadways.

Another important reason to wear a helmet is to protect your brain. Head injuries are the leading cause of death among all cyclists. Minor traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term effects. They can be a debilitating and expensive experience. Luckily, a helmet can mitigate this risk by at least 60%.

Unlike a helmet, a visor may actually be more effective in reducing the risk of a sunburn. Additionally, a brightly colored helmet can increase your visibility on the road. This is especially true if you’re traveling at night.

The helmet may not be able to prevent all types of injuries, but it can definitely help. Most cyclists have heard of the benefits of wearing a helmet. However, the fact of the matter is that it’s not always easy to find a helmet that fits. As a result, you should consider purchasing a new helmet every 10 years or so.

Besides preventing serious injury, wearing a helmet is a good way of showing your fellow cyclists that you care about their safety. This can motivate them to follow your lead. Plus, you can learn how to safely navigate the roads.

Finally, wearing a helmet can also be a fun and educational activity. You can decorate your helmet with a visor or even install a headlamp.

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